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Geriatrics Services Dubai

Our geriatricians emphasize maintaining independence, function, and quality of life. Our geriatrics services Dubai include a full assessment and treatment for older adults, such as: carrying activities of daily living, advance care planning, urinary problems, falls, memory loss, caregiver support, vision and hearing loss, and medication safety, in addition to general primary care. Our interdisciplinary team at Yad Al’ Amal includes the older adult patient, family members, and caregivers in their care. Our team members are trained in medical, psychological, and preventive Elderly Nursing Care In Dubai. We endeavor to improve patients’ and their family’s quality of life and well-being throughout the aging process.


Home Based Healthcare

At Yad Al’ Amal, we aim to keep your independence as you age. For personal evaluation, we offer home health care services in Dubai. By providing tailored primary care for those over 65 with our geriatrics services Dubai, our geriatricians specialize in assisting elders in navigating these transitions. Our geriatricians are your partners in managing the complicated and frequently connected health issues that often accompany aging, such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

Personalized Assessment

With our geriatrics services Dubai we provide geriatric assessment; and comprehensive review of your mental and physical health and ability. This test involves looking at your diet, hearing, vision, and any incontinence, balance, or memory concerns. If we discover you have a high-salt diet, we may advise you to cut back on fatty meats and replace them with fish. If we find out that you require a caretaker at home, we will offer you 24-hour home nursing services Dubai.

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