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Professional Neuro Rehab Services in Dubai

Yad Al’ Amal one of the most reliable and leading healthcare centers, offers comprehensive and effective professional neuro rehab services in Dubai. Our highly qualified and licensed physiotherapists use their experience and knowledge to recover patients with neurological disorders and impairments. Our facility has the latest upgraded equipment that helps patients with mobilization problems. We use ultrasounds, shock-wave therapy, and many other latest technologies to rehabilitate our neuro-injured and disabled patients.

Being medical experts, we have carefully tailored affordable programs and techniques to treat numerous neurological disorders. Our compassionate medical professionals have proficiency in treating immobility caused by brain and spinal cord injury. We assure physical and emotional recovery in our patients. The nursing staff of our healthcare unit is also highly professional and courteous towards patients.

Neuro Rehab

Why Choose Yad Al' Amal Neuro Rehab Home Services In Dubai

We understand that traumatic and physical injury and disability are painful and challenging experiences for both family and the patient. We don’t only recover our patients physically but emotionally. Our experts gives home care services Dubai and they are available to care for you even in emergencies. We also provide in home neuro-rehabilitation services by our medical experts and trained nurses. We provide 24/7 nursing assistance to all patients. We have pediatric rehabilitation services in Dubai and recovery sessions according to our patient’s problems. Contact us to get result-driven sessions from our experienced physiotherapists.

What Makes Us Different From Others

We at Yad Al’ Amal take exceptional care of our patients. Our doctors use their physical therapy sciences approach to help patients get on their feet again. We also use counseling sessions, exercises, and other therapies to get patients back to their lives. We consider our patients like our own families and are committed to delivering quality care services. For any assistance, you can reach out to us at any time.

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