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Phlebotomy Service

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Phlebotomy Blood Test in Dubai

It can be difficult to go to hospitals or community clinics for a Phlebotomy Test. This is especially true for those who are anxious about blood testing or have a busy work/life schedule.

Yad Al’ Amal can help you make your phlebotomy blood test collection is simpler by providing phlebotomy service to you by collecting your blood sample. Your blood test can be done at work, or you can arrange for a home visit. The phlebotomy service takes just minutes and can be done whenever it is convenient for you.

Our phlebotomy at home services were created to enhance your healthcare experience. They allow you to perform phlebotomy blood testing in the privacy of your own home. This service is available at your convenience.

You will feel more relaxed and less anxious if you can perform a home blood test. We offer all the blood testing services your doctor may need, from a simple culture test to sophisticated cholesterol tests.

Phlebotomy Blood Test

Home / Phlebotomy Test

Home Phlebotomy Test/Blood Collection Services

Our home phlebotomy service is designed to help you save time. Our qualified phlebotomists will take your sample at home in Dubai for phlebotomy blood test and then send the results to you promptly.

Dubai residents can now access phlebotomy (blood draw) services in the privacy of their own homes. Diabetes patients, who are most vulnerable to illness and infection, will be able to benefit from private blood tests or home phlebotomy services.

Yad Al’ Amal offers a range of home blood tests to ensure optimal health. we offers a variety of home blood tests, including a renal function test, blood analysis and stomach fluid assessment.

Yad Al’ Amal also offers Elderly Nursing Care In Dubai. These services allow you to have professional-qualified and skilled professionals perform tests at your home. To provide prompt service and accurate results, our lab-at-home services can be reached 24/7.

Benefits of Blood Test Services at Home

1) Accessibility

Mobile blood draw services allow for greater accessibility to home blood testing services by qualified phlebotomists.

2) No Waiting Period

Patients must wait for lab results at hospitals and clinics for many hours. The results can take from one hour to several days depending on what test is being performed. Patients must also wait in line for their bills to be paid.

Patients who use mobile services for phlebotomy are not concerned about how long they will wait. Patients don’t need to wait in long lines for tests or pay bills. Patients may be able to conduct a home blood test in a relaxed setting, even if it is only one.

3) Safe, Convenient

Patients can now collect blood at home. This will reduce the need for follow-up appointments.

4) Hygienic Service

The concern about hospital cleanliness is gone with a home-based phlebotomy program. It is crucial to maintain a clean environment to prevent health problems.

Some patients have a fear of visiting the clinic for Phlebotomy Test. Yad Al’ Amal home laboratory testing, however, has helped to alleviate that fear by offering hygienic blood tests at home in Dubai. The equipment used by the lab specialists is also sterilized and kept clean.

Why Choose Us

You don’t have to go out when high-quality laboratory testing can be done at home by a DHA Certified nurse.

Yad Al’ Amal is the first company who provides Home health care services in Dubai he offers home blood collection services and also Physiotherapy Services in Dubai promises faster and more reliable results than internationally accredited labs.

  • Only DHA-licensed nurses can obtain blood samples.
  • Best medical practices allow blood collection at home.
  • The results were double-checked by the physician.
  • Only internationally accredited laboratories can examine samples.
  • Most of the time, precise findings can be obtained in a very short amount of time.
  • Your house is serviced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a calendar.

How It Works

1) Contact Us

To schedule an appointment for you or your family member, call our helpline or visit the website.

2) Blood Collection at home

The nurse will be at your home with all the protective equipment needed to collect your blood samples.

3) Obtain the Results

Your lab results will be sent to you via email or your registered number depending on what tests were performed.

Contact us anytime